About Us

I am a portraiture photographer in Virginia Beach providing services to Hampton Roads for the past decade. I’ve loved the great many adventures so far and meeting so many different personalities on my treks through the world of photography.

I’m known for my standard corporate headshots and studio fashion portraits, but my creative side favors a mixture of natural or ambient light and strobe lighting in unique scenes and open outdoor locations. My goal is to show the world the beauty that can be seen in every individual I photograph!


Kelsey Poitras (Aerialist)
The only photographer I trust! I’m not a model by any means and Chris does a great job directing me to get the best photos. He’s friendly, funny and can make anyone feel comfortable even in the most revealing shoots. HIGHLY recommended!!

Ron Suzuki of White Box Media Company
Of strong ethics and incredible genius in creativity! Works well with everyone on set! Likes tacos and Chick-Fil-A

Ashley Howdeshell
Super kind and funny. Makes photo shoots really enjoyable and memorable. Amazing photography and editing 10/10 recommend.

Noah Royak of The Nerdy Noah Show
I highly recommend Chris!! I come up to VA once a year and the past two years he has shot me. He is always professional and very personable. The shots are ALWAYS fantastic. He is creative and helps with posing which gets the best shots, he has great lighting which creates the utmost quality images. I look forward to hiring him again in the future years to come!

Sean Hood of FM99
Easy to work with, friendly, professional, and has an amazing ability to get great poses and shots out of people who have NO IDEA what they’re doing in front of a camera....like me. The pictures say a lot about the quality of work but what they don’t tell you is that they are a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Sarah Martinez of Stitch Asylum
Amazing photography. Amazing team. This was my most comfortable photoshoot that I’ve ever done. They had a way of making you feel confident and relaxed. When you get the photos back, you’ll be so excited. Because you’re going to look freakin’ amazing.

Jane Jacobson
Every experience I have had with Chris has been memorable. He is fun to work with, very talented, and very creative. I am always excited to see what he comes up with next.

Mandy Carpenter (Aerialist)
Chris has an amazing willingness to take risks with his art to gain a different perspective- and yet, at the same time found a way to put zero pressure on us while we were in front of the camera. Fantastic!

Amy Em
Chris is great to work with! Fantastic photography and made the whole thing so much fun.

Lily Dolce
Very professional, very passionate and knowledgeable in his line of work. I highly recommend chris mangune photography for all occasions

Brittney Nicole
I like Chris's photography style and his use of vibrant colors. He and Nicole were extremely fun to work with and had lots of ideas and feedback. I also think the "imagery you can taste" campaign was very cute and clever!

Britainy Dibbs (Aerialist)
Chris has been a leading photographer in the Hampton Roads area and beyond for several years. His work is consistent, thoughtful and professional. It is always a pleasure to work with someone who is knowledgeable about posing, proper lighting and has a fun upbeat attitude. He is an artist and his work never fails to show his talent. Would recommend Chris to anyone looking for an experience to last a lifetime.

Shannon Maxey of Xotic Eyes
Besides the quality of his work, the thing that makes Chris special is the way he sees his models. Most photographers rely on the models to be creative and precise with posing. Chris let’s you take your time, get comfortable and then he fine tunes your poses/look/style/photos into a masterpiece. His editing style is slick, shiny and doesn’t look edited. His lighting style can vary from dark and moody to bright and fun. Chris is open to making the most of any background or idea and always delivers a polished result. Nicole adds a second eye for details and keeping Chris on schedule and not missing the small stuff. For hair ties, angles, guidance and comfort ability. For hair out of place, and flipped hems. *Powerful duo all for one affordable price. Beware:He’s Bossy. DO WHAT HE SAY’S and you to can be a work of art.

Alyssa Cashman
Very easy to work with, professional, funny and a phenomenal photographer! 10/10 would work with again!

Rianna Pellina
He’s a blast and makes you feel super comfortable!

Ali Zohar Samsara
Uhhhmaaaaziiiing 😸 Great direction, and a super sweetie

Kevin Tan (Actor)
Chris did an amazing job with giving very specific directions during the shoot, i have shot with many photographers throughout my career, and Chris is by far one of my most favorite photographers to work with! He transformed me!

Angela Michelle (MakeUp Artist)
Chris is the best, super creative, fun, easy to work with, professional, and us attention to detail.

Jewel Baker
I enjoyed my time in the studio with Chris just as much as the pictures! The whole experience was wonderful! He encouraged me to be myself and made it easy for me to be comfortable in front of the camera! I highly recommend Chris Mangune Photography for anything from unique headshots that show off your personality to the weirdest creative ideas you have.

Kimberly Rogacki
Chris's work is absolutely breath taking!! Always a sight to enjoy

Sarah Clark
You're amazing! I've never had so much fun at a photo shoot before. You make the atmosphere warm and your lightheartedness made me feel so happy and at ease. I didn't feel like everything was strictly business. No, I felt like I was just dancing around in my living room and my best friend just happened to be there with a camera! When it comes to my modeling I'm usually quite reserved and am extremely unwilling to go beyond my personal comfort zone. The pictures I took with you were different and amazing and not what I would normally do but that's because I felt completely at ease being around you. Not only are you an amazing photographer, but you're also an amazing person and I smile everyday just for knowing you. Thank you for everything Chris.

Natalia Svoboda
Chris baby:) i jus wanted to say a lil somethin so everyone knos how amazin you are. i duno where to even start cause it feels like we been friends forever but you are truly a beautiful person with a great creative eye. you made me feel so comfortable the first time we shot together and gave me constructive criticism that really helped my posing. ive also met so many other talented people cause of you. you've been lookin out since day one n i appreciate it so much, LOVE YOU <3

Carrie Blake
I just wanted to stop by and show my love for this amazingly awesome guy!! He knows his stuff that.us for sure and has capture "me" in a light I never saw. He is all together the bomb.com. and I am honored to call him a friend. He is a great photographer with one of those eyes for detail. I Look at modelimg im a whole different way necause of him. Doit. Work with him you won't be sorry???

Krystal Poncé
Dear Christopher Reyes Mangune...
I am extremely honored to have worked with you and HIGHLY recommend you to anyone!! Thanks again for putting up with my fits and I can't wait to work with you again!!!

Alexandra Nicole Zone
This is well over due. I got the chance to work with Chris during a group shoot outing. He was very easy to work with and easy going. Lots of fun to be around and very professional. Very glad I got the chance and hope to work with him again in the near future.
Lilith - Alternative Model

Ali Zohar Samsara
Chris is such a fun photographer to work with! Really great energy, direction, and flexibility in terms of what you want out of your shots. PLUS he is absurdly funny and just a generally lovely person to be around Really excited to work with him again xx

Heloíne Mangerona Moreno
Hi Chris that was a pleasure working with you, besides your talent, you have a great personality that helps to feel comfortable and gives a chance of a final great shoot. I had lots of fun, and was really happy with the result. All the best for you, and success in your career.

Alexa Ritter
Working with Mr. Mangune was quite a wonderful experience. Never a dull moment and always great shots. Hope to see you when I come home you CrAzY bassturd!

Jennifer Harrison
Working with Chris has been a pleasure. I have experience in the industry and have seen many photographers work and he is extremely professional, knows exactly what he's doing, and knows what he wants out of a photo. He gave me excellent guidance and helped me with my posing which in turn helped create beautiful images. Other than Chris being incredible in all aspects of his work, he is a really great guy that's sure to make you laugh and feel comfortable about yourself during your shoot. I highly recommend working with Mr. Mangune!

Leia Vaughan
Chris, where to start... I hate you. JUST KIDDING! You are not only an amazing photographer but awesome to work with. There is never a dull moment on or off the camera. I swear you are one of my very fav photographers teachers and person overall.
-Leia (model/assistant/support/amateur photographer) cause I do it all(:

Rhiannon Crytzer
I loved working with you ! Your energy and direction are great along with your professionalism. I can't wait to work together again:) I can tell David has a higher level of confidence in himself after working with you and John.

Kelsey Pape
Chris was awesome to work with! One of my favorites. He clearly knows what he's doing behind the camera and gives very helpful direction. He was fun and made me feel totally comfortable. He pushed me to really give it my all, and it showed. The pictures turned out amazing! I highly recommend working with him :)

Tanira Dove of Freed Photography
Thanks to Christopher Reyes Mangune for another great shoot! You are an incredible photographer! Can't wait to work with you again!

Justin Cotterell (Actor)
I had the opportunity to work with Chris Mangune a few weeks ago while he was in town in Virginia Beach. I have to say that while I know this will drastically inflate his ego (God help us all...), it was an incredible experience. He knows how to have fun on a location, and puts you at ease immediately upon meeting him. However, do not mistake that as a lack of work ethic. Chris is a professional through and through who takes his craft incredibly seriously and is never afraid to push the boundaries of his talents. He genuinely seeks to say something about his subjects with every picture, and he thoroughly succeeds. Looking at one of his pictures tells you volumes about his subject, and that is a talent that is incredibly rare in this modern era. If you have an opportunity to shoot with Chris, jump at it. You will not only learn a lot about the process of photography, but you will learn volumes about yourself as well...

Kenia Olivares
I came to you inexperienced and nervous as hell but your patience and generosity helped me loosened up a bit. As my first photographer, you given tips and tricks that I greatly appreciate I know that I have a lot to work on but you made it possible for me to begin in the first place. I'm grateful for the time you've given me and hoping the next we shoot, you'll be surprised of the progress I've made. Overall the experience was exhilarating and an eye-opener!! YOUR AWESOME!! lol
Also, that squirrel is still intriguing!! o_O

Sheila Marie
Just wanted to let you I always have bunches of fun shooting with you. You need to move back down to VB! Thanks for being awesome!

Shelby Anderson
I just want to say that working with you Chris was awesome. Not only are you exceptionally talented and very professional, you are hilarious and a lot of fun to work with. You made me feel comfortable and confident. I can't wait to work with you again... Honestly, I think you have spoiled me for other photographers because I don't know that any others could measure up to you.

Jessica Ashley Wertz
Chris besides the midget sex and coma inducing drug use you are the best photographer I have EVER worked with and I hope you will come see me in Dallas !

Lena Galperina (Ballet Dancer)
When are we shooting again, last time was too short and we were having too much fun One of the funnest and yet professional shoots I have ever been a part of.

Allison Davis (Fitness Athlete)
I must leave a review for this beautiful human being! From start to finish my experience with Chris Mangune was pure magic! Not only did he greet me with a huge hug and chocolate but he was so open to everything, made me feel completely comfortable, was very professional but also funny, a true breath of fresh air. I couldn't have asked for a better shoot! Chris, thank you for your amazingness! It was such a pleasure and how could I have even been surprised by this with all of the rad things I had heard about you by so many prior to our meeting! The images are beautiful, exactly how I envisioned! True passion and bliss! If you want to enjoy yourself with someone who wants the end product to be as delicious as you do, give Chris a call and trust in his awesomeness! Can't wait til our next shoot and Dairy Queen sesh :) Thank you for all that you are Chris!

Tracy Murphy
Chris it was such a pleasure working with you this past weekend!! You have such amazing talent and are so much fun to shoot with!! I always say that I don't want my picture taken I want to be transformed in to a work of art and you sir, did just that! The pictures you took are absolutely perfect and I really hope we get to shoot again!!!! <3

Shannon Ford
Chris - I had an amazing time working with you and Gerry! You are a true artist and your work speaks for itself. The photos I have seen so far were so far beyond my expectations and I can't wait to see the rest! <3 you guys!!

Lisa Cafiero (Actress)
Christopher Reyes Mangune!!! The photos you took are beyond exceptional. You were truly a treat to work with... your style and artistic eye is so bad ass.. Thank you ever so much for such a fantastic shoot.

Ashley Vetere (Actress)
Chris, thank you for being so upbeat to work with. Not only were you funny, but you also caught minor details that make all the difference between an okay photo and a great photo. I would love to work with you again. I would highly reccomend you as a photographer. Whether it be for events or as a fashion photographer. You are a great addition to any type of environment.

Julia Gabrielov (Artist)
Christopher Mangune is an absolute blast to work with! Aside from being hilarious, Chris is a true professional of his craft. He has a vision for each and every shot he takes. His knowledge and direction make for creative and memorable images that will brighten any models portfolio. Become a fan of Chris Mangune Photography and book your shoot today!

Ethan Marten (Producer)
Chris, since Tanners Point through Atlantis Down, you have been nothing but professional. This is not a word I like to throw around casually. You're on time, and spot on with your artistry. Your eye for composition, light and shadow - incredible. To top it all off; you're one of the most enjoyable people to work with. With much admiration and respect, Ethan.

Patrick Lowry
I just wanted to say Thankyou for allowing me the opportunity to collaborate with you. The end products were amazing, I was more than satisfied. I hope to have the chance to work with you again.

Kenzie Brown
Chris I had a wonderful time last Thursday! Thank you for the shoot- as always the environment was so fun while also educational for me. I can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

Melinda Brown
Thank Thank you to you all for a terrific shoot and great company!!

Rae Beth of Rae Beth Designs
I want to Thank You for such a wonderful experience. I absolutely LOVE how you get involved and have an opinion ...it is awesome...refreshing...like we are working "together" instead of you are working for me or i am working for you....I am looking forward to the next shoot. The images are spectacular ~~

Crystal Blue
Chris was so fun to work with and such a great director! He was professional and super fast in getting my photos back to me! Thank so much! Your camera assistant was awesome too!

Michael Beckner Jr. (Producer)
Had a great time shooting with Christopher Reyes Mangune last week. Recommend to any actors/models who want to have a relaxed, fun time and collaborate creatively. Dial up The Mangune and set up a time to shoot...you'll definitely get some cool usable shots for your website, comp cards, etc. :)

Alena Interrupted
It was such a pleasure to work with Chris Christopher Reyes Mangune! He is a person of wonderful character and beautiful skills. I've wanted to shoot with him for ....I don't know... over a year now. Well worth it! He is good at giving direction as well as taking it. ;) He will feed you and quench your thirst as well. He understands privacy very well. His humor is amazing and made it feel like the shoot lasted only 5 minutes when in reality it was well over 2 hours . So wonderful and fun! ?

Heather Fritchley Shue
I had such a fantastic time shooting with you on Sunday, Christopher! The whole team was very good at making things run smoothly. We went from planned headshots to outdoor concepts with full wardrobe, and it went off without a hitch! Thanks for being so easy to work with. Your laid-backness (I can invent new words if I want to...) is awesome. You are exceptionally good at giving direction with regards to posing, and you also know a thing or two about makeup and styling. You know what looks good, and I instantly knew I was going to end up with some phenomenal shots. You really know what you're doing, and I sincerely hope I get to work with you again! (You ARE in Alexandria...so am I...just sayin'...). Your sense of humor added a delightful element to an already superb day. Now, you just need to work on your ability to control the temperature outdoors... Seriously, though, if you sucked, I would NOT have willingly gone outside to shoot. Thanks for kicking ass, buddy!

Jessica Marie Brooks
My first experience working with Chris was this past Sunday on location in Chesapeake, VA. He is a amazing photographer with a brilliant eye for amazing pictures! He is very professional and does what he can to make you feel comfortable so you get the most out of your time with him. I'd recommended him for future work because not only do you receive amazing photographs, but you receive them in a timely manner. Hope to work with him again in the near future! :D

Alexandra Taborda
I want to say that I had a blast with this photographer!!! I would recommend TO EVERYONE!! Fun, loving, humble, and just all around BADASS!!! Love the outcomes, and as a first timer!!! PRICELESS and DEF will return ? Thank you for bringing out the Beauty in me!!!

Cristal Butler
Thank you so much for the most amazing photo shoot ever. You were VERY patient with me and I had a blast. Your work is phenomenal and it would be an honor to work with you again. I've already told all my hot friends about you because you rock :*

Chloe Starke
Chris Mangune is an experience. He will feed you coffee, kit kats and pop tarts and teach you to model all the way to your FINGERS (after he pries the recently gifted snacks out of them). In all seriousness, though, he has the best energy to work with and way fast turn around with photos! (the perks of an over-caffeinated photographer lolz) Can't wait to work with you again! :)

Melanie Ann Helms
Shooting with Chris was laid back and fun. He knows exactly how to give you that great photo and you will get it when you shoot with Chris. So definitely hit him up !

Rachel Nicole Cunico (Actress)
Hello ladies and gents! If you get the chance to work with Chris, I say DO IT! He really pushes you in a very CONSTRUCTIVE way, to achieve your BEST shot! He understands your angles and really knows movement! He is down to earth and very generous with his coffee lol! :) WERRRRRRK!

Alya Vasylchenko
Soo, if you haven't done a shoot with Chris yet, I don't know what you are waiting for!? He might happen to be the best photographer you have ever worked with! ?

Jacqueline Renée
I had a great time shooting with you even though I am trying to get the hang of this different style down still... You did an amazing job! Thank you so much! :D

Alyssa C (MakeUp Artist)
The the best beauty shots I have in my port are yours!!! I also like how patient he is with the models and giving them great direction during shooting.

Sami Durham
Chris is a master of his craft! It was such a pleasure working with him. He made me laugh, feel comfortable, and we had fun. That's how it should be. Thank you so much Christopher Reyes Mangune, can't wait to work with you again!

Markia Robinson
If you have never worked with Chris, you need to stop thinking about it and do it! Chris is incredibly talented and so much fun to work with.

Tanira Dove of Freed Photography
What a wonderful experience with Christopher Reyes Mangune. Easy, comfortable and fun to work with! Chris, you Rock! Keep up your amazing work!

Meeza Gee
Had an amazing time at my shoot with Chris Mangune. He was professional, laid back, and most definitely a jokester. It was very refreshing to work with a photographer that kept the laughs going but also had such an eye for small details. He is great with direction and I appreciated his tenacity to try and try until a shot is nailed. Definitely a quality photographer!

Jules Karpunina
Great working with you Chris! Amazing work as always! Thank you!

Allie Thomas-Willwerth (Actress)
Loved working with Chris!! He has an amazing eye for capturing a full story, not just the model. Loved how creative he is and how quickly he works! Best part is, he is sooo much fun!! My favorite people to work with are the ones that are nice and make you laugh, and thats why he rocks!! Cant wait to work with him again in 2013!!

Ella Orsolini
Had a great time shooting with Chris Mangune Photography. He was great and super patient giving this newbie direction ;-), awesome person to work with , super impressed and his work is beautiful ? thank you so much for the shoot , the laughs , the baked treats and the coffee! It was an honor to have worked with such an experienced proffessional , and dont even get me started on this man's lighting SKILLS!! :-)

Tatiana Mango
Chris and I spent the entire day together, shooting, laughing, laughing, laughing, and creating images I'm proud to add to my extensive portfolio. Not only is he a fantastic photographer, but he's an absolute pleasure to work with as well, AND was cool enough to go out for a lunch break with. It doesn't hurt that he's absolutely adorable too. Thanks for everything, Chris, and I can't wait for our next shoot!

Michael Malaki Miller of Taglish Tees
Chris Mangune is a true artist. His passion shines through his work with each shot. His creativity and vision give Chris that unique ability to not only meet the needs of his clients, but exceed their expectations with the work that he presents. As a business owner I was impressed with not just his body of work, but his flexibility, his work with the models, his ability to collaborate with others in his field, and most of all, his love of the job. If you want to take your photos to the next level, this is the guy to do it.

Isabel Leitsch
Chris is awesome to work with! The shoots are always so much fun with him. Not to mention, he knows what he's doing, your pictures are guaranteed to look fantastic. Don't hesitate to work with this stud!

Laura Chandler
Glad to finally have met you... I would love to work with you again. Thanks Mangune! You rock. You're definitely one of my fav. photographer's now! You're just super talented and way different than most photographers! You're amazing!

Chris Randall of Driftwood Photography
Always glad to help. Always learn a lot from watching/helping Chris

LisaMarie Lundy
Yesterdays shoot was so much fun! Your entire crew made me feel so welcome. Thanks for being inspiring, patient and so professional. Cannot wait to shoot with you again!

Travis Powell
I had the opportunity to work with Chris recently, and he is an amazing profession. He knows how to use light and angles in ways that I never would have thought of, but that look amazing.

Natalie Zhou
Chris! great experience working with your team, had an amazing weekend and love the creativity of these images !!! ?

Christine Ladrido
I recently had the opportunity to work with Chris! He was very professional and knows what he's doing! The session was fun and relaxed, and I felt comfortable. Chris made sure my photos looked awesome. I was suuuuper happy with how my photos turned out! Definitely planning on working with chris again in the future :D

Amanda Jackson
I had such a great time shooting with you. You are amazing and one of the best photographers I have had the pleasure to work with. You gave great direction and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend anyone considering a shoot to use you as there photographer. I look forward to working with you again.

Stephanie M. Case
It's an honor to work with Chris Mangune Photography. He is so talented, professional, and easy to work with. Best of the best right here!

Dave Meadows (Actor)
Just wanna give a shout out to Christopher Reyes Mangune and all those who helped bring my vision to life... You guys not only helped see it realized, each one of you improved it. Thank you! I cannot wait to see em!

Jocelyn Carter
I absolutely looooooooved working with Mr.Chris Mangune!! He is by far one of the most hilarious individuals that I've come across. His work speaks for itself, and I feel anything I say would definitely be an UNDERSTATEMENT!! Mr.Mangune allowed me many opportunities and experiences that opened me up to a different, not so serious side of the whole picture taking thing... i liked it. Thank Yoooooooooooou!!!

Matthew James Begin (Actor)
Chris Mangune is an absolute dream to work with. His incredible eye for detail matched with clear and concise direction is a quality combination for top-notch professional photography. Shooting is comfortable and collaborative with an overall vibe as playful and fun as working with a close friend from start to finish. If you have an opportunity to get on the other end of his lens, do yourself a favor and jump on it. I cannot say enough good things! ?

Sarah Crawford
It was great working with Chris! He made the shoot comfortable for me and helped me learn new modeling techniques! He is a lot of fun and an amazing photographer that offers tons of variety in his work. I would recommend his services to anyone!

Rachel Graenadie Vollan
I love working with Chris. He goes the extra mile to make sure everything is just right, and that his models look fabulous! He also has a great upbeat personality and is comfortable and easy to work with.

Chris is excellent with lighting gets some quite interesting angles. He also brings some clever ideas to the table, and helps me think outside the box about my own modeling.

Ashly Holt
Chris was fantastic to work with. His sense of excitement during the shoot was infectious! :)

You could immediately tell he greatly enjoys his work and wants the same for his clients. Professional and comfortable, what else could a person ask for? :)

Thank you Chris for a great experience! ?

Kelley Farlow
Thanks again for the great photo session! I absolutely hate having my picture taken... you definitely made it super easy and fun and I love how the pictures turned out!! Awesome photographer!

Amy M
Had a great time shooting with you! Plus the photos I've seen are fantastic! It was nice getting to be goofy with someone just as goofy as me! :D

Echo Manika
Working with Chris was one of the most fun & lighthearted, yet professional and visionary experiences I've had with a photographer!

Sometimes, you get the photographers that don't tell you to fix your strap or your hair across your face, or that you're making a face like a blowfish, but not THIS guy!

He's got a brilliant idea for you, and he KNOWS how to execute that brilliant idea, but he's not BOSSY about it. I was completely comfortable, and it already felt like we were friends when I showed up.

I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone that I know, and I would love to shoot with him again. I definitely wouldn't miss it, if you get the opportunity to!

Christina Marie
Best photographer I've ever worked with hands down! A 45 minute shoot with Chris turns out then best pictures Ive even seen. I would highly recommend him :)

Autumn Ocker
I loved working with you and your crew! Would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to shoot with you :)

Kristina Dilman (Actress)
Loved working working with you, as always! Thank you so much for all be beautiful diverse shots I get to add to my port! You are absolutely wonderful!!!

Cristina Bautista Nash
Christopher Reyes Mangune..thank you so much! I had a wonderful time shooting last night. You were so relaxed, very professional and just overall a great person on top of being an amazing photographer! Kudos to you! :)

Rachel Moseley
If you want someone who will make you laugh, ensure that you'll have a good time, and always produce consistently amazing images, Chris is your guy. I've worked with him on a few other occasions, why? Because him and his results are equally awesome. Hope to work with you again soon! =)

Juelles Chester (Model)
All the Cool Kids Shoot with Christopher:

I had a great time posing for Chris; his humorous and professional attitude make it a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. Most importantly, Chris has an EXCELLENT sense of lighting, the most important thing for stellar photos. He's laid-back and goes with the flow, which in my experience helps me to relax and play up to the camera.

Juelles says: A+

Kitty Hersey
Finally getting around to writing a testimonial! Chris, I had an amazing time working with you. You are the most relaxed photographer I have ever worked with. I was extremely comfortable working with you right off the bat. And not to mention, you have an amazing sense of humor! It was fantastic working with you and I would be more then honored to work with you again. Your company is outstanding!

Demond Benton of DDM Photography
The best way to learn photography is to assist the best photographers, and Chris Mangune Photography is one of them.

Shelley Brianna Tidmore
Lovvvvve it, you're killing me, man!! Serious work you do! Mad love for your talent and thank you for making magic outta me through your lens! You could make any one beautiful. Any models out there looking for a great photographer who communicates direction with ease for you to understand his vision and get just the right shot- Chris is your choice!

Nawaka Lewis
You are beyond Amazing Chris.

Kelsey Harris
I had a great time working with Chris! He is an awesome person and down to earth :) He even helped me with some poses that made me look just right!!! if you ever get the chance, def go to him!

Elif Bower (Ms. Turkey International 2009)
Chris is one of the best photographers ever I had worked with! He is fun, professional and very creative! It's worth for what you will pay;-)

Wendy Michelle
Chris Mangune Photography rocks my modeling world!!! ^_^

Editcia Lyzbeth Aguilera

Kevin Tan (Actor)
Attention to all the talents out there! Chris Mangune Photography is a MUST photographer to work with you if you wish to have a creative photoshoot session for your portfolio! The guy is great! Thanks for the all the kickass pix! :)

Crystal Day (Actress)
Working with you this past summer was definitely a blast! You're an undoubtedly knowledgeable photographer, and you're able to manipulate the camera in the best way for each model. I cannot wait to work with you again. Hopefully, in the very near future! A concept shoot would be fantastic. =) Thanks once again for everything: your enthusiasm, and hard work.

Alex Ko
Love working with you Chris! U r a very creative and easy person to work with! Excellent results and a lot of fun during a photoshoot!

Dave Meadows (Actor)
So for anyone who is interested lemme tell you about this most bomb photographer, Chris has been an absolute blast to work with every time I have had the privilege. His vision is awesome, technique flawless and art impeccable. Anyone who has not had the pleasure...please get in line, you will be soooo glad you did.

Kaila Smith of KOA Studio
The past experience I've had in his presence was terrific. One of the best, most creative, friendly and talented photographers I've had the opportunity to collaborate with. Can't wait to work with again!

Kristina Dilman (Actress)
My most favorite shoots are always with you! Not only because of the lovely outcome, but also because of the great time we always have! I love your professionalism and your direction. You always know how to position the model in every shot just right. (which is seen in every image in your port) I love a photographer that knows exactly what they want out of every shot! ??? working with you Chris!

Tina Anderson
Hey Chris, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed working with you over the summer. You captured some amazing shots. you are one of the best photographers I have ever worked with. If anyone gets the chance to work with Chris then go for it, he's amazing and you'd be lucky! Let's shoot again soon :)

April Ashcraft
I love your work. I’m glad I got the chance to work with you and I hope to work with you again here soon!!!!!! You have a very creative eye that is very important in photography. I love logging on and seeing new photos of your work. You’re the best.! I wish you nothing but success in your future.

Jennifer Southee
Chris, I had a lot of fun at our shoot a while back! The pictures turned out amazing and everyone loved them! You have such a great eye for this, so keep up the good work!

Christina Marie
Ahhhhhhhh tonight's shoot was SO much fun, tough shoot but the most fun I've had shooting in a while. I cannot wait to see pictures

Ashley Miller
Just had the absolute pleasure of working with this brilliant man! He's an absolute sweetheart and you instantly feel comfortable with him! I reccomend him to anyone and everyone! :D

Sandra Goode
Cannot tell you how much I enjoyed our shoot and my images. Very anxious to share them with my agent and everyone else. You have an amazing eye and skilled direction. Nothing less than awesome! Thank you.

Editcia Lyzbeth Aguilera

Kristina Dilman (Actress)
I'd like to thank you for my beautiful images again and share a message I recieved today. "I REALLY like Chris's work. He takes a great model with God Given looks and turns you into a queen!!! You should shoot with him a lot!!! I have really enjoyed your pictures. He is a talent!! I have not seen you post a single picture that wasnt incredible - he really brings out the best in you!!! :)

Indie Skies
Wow Chris!!! Thank you so much again for having me and these photos!! Loads of fun :)